2017 Free Agent Quarterback Supply (Part.1)

2017 Free Agent Quarterback Supply- “The Highly Qualified”

Author – Bryan Trulen



The Free Agent Quarterback market is extremely robust. A number of qualified to highly qualified (by NFL standards) quarterbacks will be in supply for a finite number of potential job openings around the league. Let’s take a look at the high end market landscape as we enter free agency

Highly Qualified – Just because a quarterback finds himself in this category does not mean he will automatically be given an opportunity to come in and start somewhere. More often than not this type of category is filled with quarterbacks with moderate to extensive starting experience but over time the warts of their respective game have been identified and exposed.


  1. Tony Romo – Romo will turn 37 in April and is coming off an injury riddled 2015 and 2016. He has limited game experience during this time although looked like a bona fide MVP Quarterback just three years ago during the 2014 season. If his motivation is still alive and burning and If he can manage to stay healthy for a full season, Romo clearly becomes in theory the no-brainer top free agent option in 2017 much like Peyton Manning in 2012. Jacksonville, Denver and Houston are places where he could go to and immediately make a big difference. And a dark horse would be the Los Angeles Rams- where a partnership with Sean McVay could have the potential to pay off big if things go as well as they did in 2014 for Romo. 


  1. Mike Glennon – Glennon took the starting job away from Josh Freeman as a rookie in 2013 as he threw for 19 TD’s and 7 INT and basically beat the Seahawks in Seattle all by himself. Glennon was a victim of bad luck in 2014 as new HC Lovie Smith dismissed Glennon as a legitimate option from day 1 without doing homework on him and brought in Josh McCown to Tampa to be the guy. Glennon obviously took a step back during 2014 but still showed flashes of Matt Ryan esque qualities as a passer when he did play. The argument can be made that Glennon is an equal or even better quarterback than Jameis Winston in many areas but did not hold the cache as the #1 overall draft pick. Do not be surprised if Glennon ends up being the face of a franchise such as Chicago, New York or San Francisco for years to come.


  1. Brian Hoyer – Hoyer, who is entering his 9th year in the league has clearly made his         stake as the 2nd best quarterback behind Matt Stafford to come out of the 2009 draft class. Hoyer is about as refined of a natural passer as there is in the league in terms of how he blends elements such as touch, throwing in rhythm, anticipation and is a very decisive thrower to all areas of the field. Simply put, Hoyer plays the position like a point gaurd who sees the entire court clearly and knows his physical limitations. At his core, Hoyer is a distributor who is essentially a less pliable version of Matt Ryan. Hoyer may not have a ton of time left but do not be surprised if a team such as the 49ers, Jets or even Chicago (his current team) bring him in or back as their un-questioned starter in 2017.

2016 Dallas Cowboys QB Preview

Dallas Cowboys (Written in Mid July 2016)
Author – Bryan Trulen
#9 Tony Romo 6’2″ 230 14th Year, Eastern Illinois
Tony Romo had one of the best years of his career in 2014 as he played at an MVP level in leading Dallas deep into the playoffs and essentially making a big time pressure throw to beat Green Bay in the NFC Championship Game before having the reception over turned. Romo however had an injury plagued 2015 as staying on the field was a year long struggle. When he did play he was inconsistent and at times played poorly. All indications are that he has had a great off-season and is ready to play at a high level again in 2016.
On Film, Romo continues to display a whip like release of the football, something that has been a staple of his game since entering the league in 2001. Romo boasts possibly the quickest release in all of the league. Tony is naturally accurate- making a variety of types of throws and throws with elite touch. Romo exemplifies a QB who can beat you time after time as he combines his quick release with tremendous touch allowing him to fit balls into tight windows over and around defenders enabling his WR’s to make routine catches in traffic. As a intuitive passer, Romo is very adept at changing ball speeds
Romo naturally likes to play within the defined structure of the play but if forced to improvise out of structure can do so as he uses his elite pocket feel to spin out, step up and throw on the run at a Pro- Bowl Level.  As Romo has aged, his athleticism and arm strength have diminished but his pocket instincts, football IQ and ability to throw with touch and timing have us thinking he can still play at a high level for 2-3 more years.
#4 Dak Prescott 6’2″ 226 Rookie, Mississippi State
Prescott  was drafted with the idea of having the Cowboys groom and develop him to eventually become the QB of the future in Dallas. He will be afforded an opportunity (in theory) to learn some of the nuances of the game sitting behind Tony Romo in a reserve role. Prescott’s skill set and rate of development will determine when and how fast he gets on the field.
From a Raw Material perspective, Dak has it all, Arm Strength, Athleticism, Size, and ability to throw on the run. Traits such as ball placement and touch will be emphasized as areas of improvement for him as he gets acclimated to the pro game. Dak should be able to develop into the Cowboys QB of the future as long as he stays on the right track.
#17 Kellen Moore 5’11 1/2 200 5th Year, Boise State
Moore had an opportunity to gain game experience when Tony Romo went down in 2015 and he showed the ability to be an average backup option moving forward. Moore is undersized and struggles to make plays from the pocket. He does however show an ability to make quick decisions and get the ball out of his hands with zero wasted motion or hesitation. Moore is at his best when operating within a pure west coast system where he is making quick decisions. Moore can throw with precision in the short game but his lack of arm strength will make him a career backup at best. His instincts are starter worthy and if given an extended opportunity we feel he could turn some heads but we feel that may not be in the cards for Moore moving forward.