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#12 Tom Brady 6’4” 225 18th Year, Michigan


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Viewed by many as the best to ever play the position Tom Brady responded to off the field adversity about as well as anyone could have predicted as he played some of the best football of his career in 2016. Brady stepped in after a four game suspension and ended up completing 67% of his passes while throwing for over 3,500 yards and 28 touchdowns and only 2 interceptions. And as a footnote  he also led arguably the best 4th quarterback comeback in Super Bowl history earning his 5th Super Bowl ring. Brady seems to get better every single year even as he is pushing 40 years old and has stated he wants to play well into his 40’s. The story really is too good to be true but the fact of the matter is that nobody works harder at his craft than Brady and he enters 2017 as possibly the greatest football player of all time.



Because Tom Brady is so technically sound as a thrower some have a tendency to overlook his  physical ability as a passer. From a mechanical (Base, Feet, Balance, Throwing Motion) perspective Brady is as good as they come. He intuitively understands all of the micro elements that go into high level quarterback play. Touch, Timing and accuracy are Brady’s calling cards as a passer but his arm is strong enough for him to throw with velocity to all levels of the field as he has shown throughout his career. Even during 2016 his arm strength seemed to get better as the year wore on and when you add to the equation his release speed and level of comfort with not his receiving core but also the system that he plays in we can clearly see why he is such a consistent performer week in and week out. Josh McDaniels and Brady are joined at the hip and watching Brady run the show is a thing of beauty.  Brady is the best before the snap quarterback to ever play the position at the NFL level and his ability to both process information and eliminate bad options both pre and post snap give him an edge every single time he steps on the field. Brady also combines both toughness and elite pocket presence while keeping his mind calm in the face of duress.  As alluded to earlier, his crisp, clean and quick release allows him to fit balls into tight windows at all levels of the field. His vision as a passer also is extremely rare.


2017 Projection

As long as Brady can remain healthy he will continue to perform at a Pro Bowl type level. His play will decline somewhat as he continues to age but most likely will not be noticeable for a few years due to the way he takes care of his body. Expect more of the same in 2017 as the Patriots are primed to make another Super Bowl run with Tom at the controls.



2017 NFL Quarterback Rankings

Author – Bryan Trulen

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  1. Tom Brady His Clutch SB performance was arguably the best of All-Time
  2. Aaron Rodgers His 2nd half of 2016 was MVP Esque
  3. Matt Ryan Replicating 2016 will be impossible but still a top gun
  4. Matthew Stafford Dark Horse Super Bowl Pick. Playing in Detroit makes him fly under radar still
  5.  Ben Roethlisberger Is this the year Pitt gets back to SB? May be Big Ben’s last shot..
  6.  Russell Wilson Does everything you can ask him to do and then some. Needs to stay healthy
  7.  Derek Carr Sky is limit for him as he has all the tools to be elite
  8. Joe Flaaco If he can stay healthy and be more consistent he will be in MVP race.
  9. Andrew Luck HEALTH!! Luck needs more help from his defense.
  10. Drew Brees On last Leg of career, 2017 may be his last as a Saint.
  11. Marcus Mariota Did everything right last year, will he be able to duplicate again?
  12. Kirk Cousins Expect more of the same in 2017
  13. Eli Manning Ready for bounce back year
  14. Carson Palmer Last Hoorah for Carson.
  15. Dak Prescott Pump the breaks, get ready for a soph slump
  16. Cam Newton Needs to stay healthy
  17. Sam Bradford Was amazing at times in 2016. Should be even better in year 2
  18. Brian Hoyer 2017’s Matt Ryan?
  19. Jameis Winston Rising as a player, 2017 might be the year they make the playoffs
  20. Philip Rivers LA seems to have rejuvinated him. Cut down in INT’s in 2017 will help
  21. Ryan Tannehill Stock is up as he enters year 2 in Gase’s system
  22. Andy Dalton Needs to play better in 2017 or they may give AJ McCarron a shot
  23. Alex Smith His team in 2017 at least
  24. C.J Wentz Should be more consisten in year 2
  25. Mike Glennon I am banking on him solidifying himself as Bears QB of Future.
  26. Trevor Siemian Deserves to start based on 2016. Politics may hinder that.
  27. Tyrod Taylor Electric style of play and huge arm = wins?
  28. Tom Savage Ready to Roll as starter.
  29. Brock Osweiller Look for him to open week 1 as starter
  30.  Christian Hackenberg SHOULD be week 1 starter
  31. Jared Goff Lets hope he plays half as well as Cousins did in McVay’s system
  32. Blake Bortles Will be on a very short leash in 2017