Isolation Series, Matt Ryan to Julio Jones

The Atlanta Falcons hopefully have bottled up their momentum generated throughout the course of the regular season. A hot Seattle team comes to town in a game that looks alot like the January 2013 Divisional Round tilt between the two teams. From a purist perspective, Matt Ryan has put together a string of performances both numbers wise and difficulty of throw wise that has made him the front runner to win NFL MVP. As we noted back in June of this year, If Matt Ryan can get hot (He has) Stayed Hot, (He Has) and continue to do so in the biggest moments (During the Playoffs) this Falcon team will make a Super Bowl Run.

Inside the Design, Matt Ryan to Taylor Gabriel.

Author – Bryan Trulen

Atlanta put the proverbial “beat down” on the LA Rams as they traveled out west and made the Coliseum their own from the opening kick-off. Matt Ryan played a lead role once again in leading the high powered Atlanta offensive attack. We go inside the design with analysis on the 64 yard TD pass from Ryan to WR Taylor Gabriel. Gabriel is having a break-out season and has been developing as a legitimate deep threat.

(All visual content courtesy of NFL Game Pass)

Atlanta comes out in 12 personnel on 1st down with “twins” receivers to the field side of the formation.  Outlined in Red is nickel CB Lamarcus Joyner who is a key for Matt Ryan pre snap. Notice how Joyner seems to be in “no mans” land as his eyes are fixated on the ball and he is not committing to coverage.


At the snap, Atlanta is now in the opening stage of a Kyle Shannahan configured play action shot play. 1st and 10 puts Atlanta in a favorable protection situation as LA is only rushing four. Outlined in Red we can clearly see how the Ram linebackers are influenced by this run action.


As Ryan comes out of the fake Atlanta has three eligible receiving threats running down uninhibited by any secondary pressure. To the naked eye it seems as though the LA secondary is in the process of being “Fooled” by elite offensive play design.  Outlined in Red is TE Austin Hooper matched up against CB Trumaine Johnson.


Ryan has a clean pocket to survey from and his eyes are fixated to his right as he manipulates the Ram secondary. Outlined in Red we see Falcon WR Gabriel continuing his vertical stem as his eyes remain disciplined in order to turn the hips of FS Maurice Alexander by way of selling a vertical take-off route.


Ryan lets it rip as Gabriel is now running across the field to green grass. Notice how FS Alexander’s body is completely turned and out of position as he now has been fooled by stellar route running on the part of Gabriel.


The ball is on its way as the entire Ram defense takes a back seat view of the action.


Ryan drops the ball into the bucket with perfect placement and trajectory to a streaking Gabriel.


Upon reception, Gabriel has a free path to the end zone as Atlanta puts the finishing touches on a dominant victory in Los Angeles. This play is a perfect example of how using deceptively creative play action shot plays in favorable down and distance situations can lead to explosive plays in the passing game.

QB Film Room Pre-Season Publication, Atlanta’s QB Room.

QB Film Room Pre-Season Publication Preview.


Beginning this August, we will be releasing our Digital In-Depth NFL QB Comprehensive Publication. A large piece of this will entail an In-Depth Study and Evaluation of every QB in the NFL by roster. Here is a sneak peak preview…


Atlanta Falcons Preview. 



Atlanta Falcons – 2015 embarked a new era for the Falcons. Out was longtime coach Mike Smith and in came Dan Quinn, who plucked Kyle Shanahan away from Cleveland and in as the franchise’s newly minted offensive coordinator.  QB Matt Ryan coexisted well with Shanahan early on flourishing in his play action heavy timing based system. As the year went along though production fizzled and Ryan started to get into an unforeseen, long winded funk. Multiple factors went into this which included; injuries along the offensive line, NFC South defensive coordinators adjusting to the early season Falcon tape and Ryan being under constant duress.  

The end result was a depressing late season slide that saw Atlanta lose six of their last eight games.

Transitioning away from 2015 Atlanta has put itself in a position to regain a competitive stake in their division by taking a pro-active approach in adding positional talent to their offense.  This in theory should bolster the Falcon offense and could be a defining piece to the playoff formula the team  has been seeking to re-capture with their last appearance coming in 2012.

QB Film Room is all about quarterbacks so without further ado, let’s take a dive into a positional breakdown entering training camp.

#2 Matt Ryan 6’4” 221 9th Year, Boston College.  

Nobody and I mean nobody throws a prettier pass than Matt Ryan. From the quickness of set-up to the natural ball carriage during his drop to the way his feet work in unison with his eyes, Ryan is purely text book in all things fundamental to playing the position at the NFL level. Not to mention he is tough as nails. Ryan consistently displays a rhythmic feel to his game and is one of the better anticipatory throwers in the league. Ryan also falls a close second behind Tom Brady in terms of his Pre-Snap Decision Making prowess.

For all the good with Ryan comes some bad. Matt has a tendency to lock on to his primary read and at times becomes frazzled when he has to take an extra beat in the pocket and work to his secondary options. Ryan sees the field very well and throws with excellent touch to all levels of the field but all too often in 2015 he made costly errors in the Red-Area that signify a frenetic at times feel to his game which came in spades albeit in the worst possible moments.

Ryan should continue to grow in the Kyle Shanahan led attack in 2016 and has become the vocal and inspirational leader for the entire Falcon team entering his 9th year as a pro. If Ryan can gel with new WR Mohamed Sanu and continue to refine his game in year two of the system, the Atlanta Falcons could make a Super Bowl Run.