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First Reaction, QB’s Round 1.

Author – Bryan Trulen

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Thoughts on Trubisky going to Chicago Like most, I did not see the Bears selection of Mitchell Trubisky at #2 overall coming in advance, we had him pegged as our first QB off the board but I truly believe that Bears GM Ryan Pace sees Trubisky as a true developmental quarterback with a high ceiling. Mike Glennon was signed for a reason and he will remain the starter in 2017 but this pick shows us that Chicago feels really strongly about Trubisky, much like how Philly felt about Carson Wentz last year. I do not foresee Trubisky leap frogging Mike Glennon in 2017. The domino effect on the Bears QB room will be felt somewhere as the Bears will be bringing Trubisky, Glennon, Mark Sanchez and 4th year pro Connor Shaw to training camp in July.  Sanchez or Shaw will end up being cut at the end of training camp.

Patrick Mahomes goes to an ideal situation in KC Andy Reid gets a quarterback he is extremely high on. Reid is a known quarterback guru and puts them in positions to succeed in terms of scheme design, play calling and with how handles them from a communication perspective. Mahomes may be the biggest winner from Round 1. It is going to become very apparent once Mahomes gets to campus how big of a difference exists between him and Alex Smith in terms of arm talent. Mahomes should sit during 2017 but he is in a prime position to take over for Smith sooner rather than later.

Houston selects Deshaun Watson Texans HC Bill O’Brien and Rick Smith were on the same page with the selection of Watson at pick 12. Like Mahomes, Watson will be viewed as a #2 during his rookie year and will be on the developmental track. From a player perspective Watson gives the Texans and O’Brien something they have never had, an athletic quarterback who excels in a timing based passing system and as both O’Brien and Rick Smith stated during their press conference is a “Winner” . Watson displays elite level poise and is a big time performer in clutch situations. Watson has the internal structure in Houston to give him a chance to be highly successful.

Alex Smith/Travis Kelce Inside the Tape

During Saturday Evening’s contest between KC and Houston, there was a defining play that essentially turned the momentum over to KC for good. This particular chunk play in the passing game produced a big gain for the Chiefs and propelled them to a defining scoring drive early in the contest. 

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As we can see, the Chiefs come out in heavy (12) Personnel and stack their two receivers. The Texans combat the formation with a classic single high safety look.

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The Chiefs deploy  Play-Action and release their WR’s on vertical routes. Travis Kelce (Attached to LOS) takes an outside release initially as the Play Action muddies the reaction speed of the Houston LB’s. 

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.49.06 PM

As the play develops, Smith comes off Play-Action into a clean pocket, the WR’s seperate themselves horizontally as they take off down the field. TE Travis Kelce uses elite level route running ability and presses the cushion of the CB attempting to cover him. Kelce also uses eye, head and leverage  manipulation in terms of deceiving the CB . 

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.49.10 PM

Smith Takes an extra beat in the pocket to survey the field/manipulate the secondary with his eyes/shoulders. While this is happening, the WR’s continue to press vertically while Kelce creates ample separation to get open on the deep crossing route.

Screen Shot 2016-01-11 at 5.48.00 PM

Finally, the ball is released comfortably by Smith into a decent sized window that was beautifully crafted due to great play design, route releases and Kelce using great burst and deception while getting across the field.  The end result was a momentum changing play for KC as they put the proverbial nail in the Texans coffin relatively early in this Wild-Card affair.