Andrew Luck Scouting Report

AFC​ ​South Indianapolis​ ​Colts #12​ ​Andrew​ ​Luck​ ​​6’4”​ ​240​ ​6th​ ​Year,​ ​Stanford  (Courtesy of Overview Andrew​ ​Luck​ ​put​ ​together​ ​an​ ​impressive​ ​campaign​ ​in​ ​2016​ ​all​ ​while​ ​playing​ ​through​ ​a​ ​lingering injury​ ​​ ​When​ ​Luck​ ​is​ ​playing​ ​at​ ​his​ ​best​ ​and​ ​everything​ ​around​ ​him​ ​is​ ​working​ ​optimally​ ​he​ ​has performed​ ​at​ ​an​ ​elite​ ​level​ ​and​ […]

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Kurt Benkert Pre-Draft Report

Purchase’ our 2018 Draft Guide Author – Bryan Trulen Kurt Benkert​ 6’2 1/2 218 Virginia Overview Kurt Benkert started his career at Eastern Carolina & ended up transferring to UVA in 2016 reuniting himself with Ruffin McNeill who recruited Benkert to Eastern but ended up taking a coaching job at Virginia. Benkert immediately took hold of […]

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Kyler Murray Draft Guide Report

Author – Bryan Trulen (Sample report from our 2019 Draft Guide) (Photo courtesy Cardswire) Kyler Murray ​5’10” 207 Oklahoma *JR  Overview Up until just a few months ago, the Dallas, TX native was destined for a career in Major League Baseball. Murray’s talent as a quarterback however proved to be too much to pass […]

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Pre-Draft Report (Patrick Mahomes II)

Author – Bryan Trulen Patrick Mahomes II 6’2” 225 Texas Tech (Photo Credit – Star Tribune) Overview During his college career, Patrick Mahomes passed for over 11,000 yards, 93 touchdowns and 29 interceptions while making 29 career starts. Mahomes completed nearly 64% of his passes during his time in Lubbock. He also rushed for 845 […]

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