Ryan Fitzpatrick Scouting Report

#14 Ryan Fitzpatrick  6’2” 224 13th Year, Harvard

Tampa Bay Buccaneers v Cincinnati Bengals


After putting together the best season of his career in 2015 and setting the Jets single season TD pass record (4,905 Yards, 31 TD, 15 INT 60%) Ryan Fitzpatrick stonewalled the Jets as they stood pat in declining to offer him a long term contract.  Fitzpatrick ended up signing a one year deal and would like to forget the abysmal year he had as starter minus one game against the Bills early in the year. For his career, Fitzpatrick has thrown for nearly 26,000 yards with 166 touchdowns against 133 interceptions for a career 79.7 rating while strategically capitalizing on his best years as he has been paid out

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