2017 Pro QB Almanac Sample, Brandon Allen Jacksonville

#10 Brandon Allen 6’1” 217 2nd Year, Arkansas

Analysis- Allen is a streaky thrower with a quick release and is instinctually accurate as a passer to all levels of the field. Allen does not have a strong arm and his passes will lose steam the deeper down the field he has to throw. Allen does however have a great understanding of defensive coverages and works his feet and his eyes together in tandem which allows him to throw with top level anticipation particularly between the hash marks at the intermediate levels and even to the outside areas of the field. He is very polished form a footwork standpoint and gets himself ready to throw in quick order. He also boats a quick delivery and will anticipate windows down the field reminding us of Jimmy Garoppolo at times.  Allen does not have prototypical size or athleticism but he seems to have a knack for completing passes which should allow for a long career as a backup and possibly as a starter some day, perhaps even in 2017.

2017 Projection- The team only brought three quarterbacks to camp and Allen is a sure fire lock to make the 53 man roster in 2017. We have been high on Allen since his entrance into the league in 2016. A great natural passer with high level instincts for the position should give him an opportunity to play at some point in 2017.

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