2016 QB Preview, Eli Manning

Eli Returns for year 3 in the Ben MacAdoo west coast system that plays to the strengths and preferences of Eli as a player. With OBJ and other emerging young pass receiving talents in the Big Apple, 2016 just may be the year that the New York Football Giants make a playoff run.


#10 Eli Manning 6’4″ 218 13th Year, Mississippi

Eli Manning is the quintessential rhythm and timing thrower. Eli has an average arm and is just an average athlete yet can still throw very well on the move. Eli however is anything but average as a professional quarterback. Eli holds two super bowl rings and his play on the field can be classified as a model of consistency and availability as as he has never missed a start during his career. Eli simply put has build a Hall of Fame career for himself. A defining Staple of his game continues to be his ability to throw with Hall of Fame level touch and ball placement on a variety of throws particularly the deep ball as Eli has made his money throwing the fade ball better than anyone else in the league. Manning operates with ease from the pocket and is comfortable changing ball speeds to ensure completion. He is a perfect fit for the Ben MacAdoo west coast offense and we feel like he has 3-4 more solid years ahead of him.


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